"It starts and ends with Love"

an ever growing installation of tiny collages infused with Love

This is an ever growing installation of tiny collages, the size of a standard business card, 5,5x8,5cm. I started making these to make myself feel better when things in the world seemed really wonky and crazy. I made these holding the feelings of Love and Peace in my hart and imagining that I was putting these energies into these tiny art pieces. I have exhibited these in a gallery, installed in squares of 24 pieces, always starting with one tiny collage with the word Love and always ending the installation with another one with the word Love. I noticed that people would stand in front of the installation remarking that it gave them joy or they felt happiness looking at the collection and I decided that I would keep on making these and so spreading the energy of love around. I am very proud that a couple of these have already been sold. Some as presents to new born babies, making me the artist of the first piece of art that they own and so fitting that that would be a piece infused with the energies of love and peace! To date, I have made 190 of these and I am still making more.  

I have made collections of some of the tiny ones and framed them and these are available too. 

The price of these tiny collages is kept low on purpose, because of the whole philosophy behind the installation. I want these to be accessible even thought these take me a lot of time to make, the same focus and attention goes into each of these as goes into my larger paintings.

These pieces, unframed, are available for 25 euro each and when you buy 4, you'll get 1 for free. If you would like to gift one, contact me and I'll send it directly to the receiver with a handwritten note. Prices include 9% btw/vat

prices incl. 9% BTW/VAT